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Tern Bicycles, launched in 2011, designs and manufactures portable bikes for urban transport and everyday use. One of the main goals of the company is to encourage greater use of bicycles in combination with an existing public transport infrastructure throughout the world.

Tern’s philosophy is based on safety, comfort, convenience, and portability. Therefore the bikes are designed with high quality frames and components for ambitious riders, following the slogan that bikes have to work great when unfolded.

Tern is made up by a respected team of bicycle professionals, a diverse mix of personalities and experiences united by a passion for cycling. Tern Bicycles is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, with subsidiary companies in the United States and China.
Tern also has team members working in satellite offices in the USA, China, Finland, UK, Germany and Switzerland.

Tern currently offers a line-up of 25+ bicycles, within a wide range of usage and pricing, as well as a number of unique accessories for its various bicycle models.

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Tern media:

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Press releases

  • Tern Launches Upgraded GSD Compact Utility eBike
    Urban transportation specialist Tern launched a second GSD model equipped with the most sought-after features, including a Bosch Performance Line CX motor, an enviolo cargo hub, and a 500 Wh or 1000 Wh battery configuration.
    Tern Launches Upgraded GSD (pdf, 162 KB)
    Tern Launches Upgraded GSD (plain, 3 KB)
  • Tern Upgrades Vektron Folding eBike Line
    Urban transportation specialist Tern announced an upgrade to its Vektron folding ebike lineup, with three new models. The new Vektron is equipped with the latest Bosch drive system, gets a re-worked frame and riding geometry, and is equipped with an ultra-robust rack that follows the lineage of the heavy-duty Tern GSD.
    Tern Upgrades Vektron Folding eBike (pdf, 209 KB)
    Tern Upgrades Vektron Folding eBike (plain, 3 KB)
  • Tern Joins Bosch for eBike Launch at Tokyo Motor Show
    Tern is partnering with Bosch eBike Systems to enter the Japan market with the next-generation of Bosch eBike technology, showcased on an all-new folding e-bike. The concept bike is being presented at the Tokyo Motor Show. The event marks Tern’s entry into the Japan e-bike market. Likewise, Japan marks Bosch’s first e-bike market in Asia.
    Tern Joins Bosch at Tokyo Motor Show (pdf, 318 KB)
    Tern Joins Bosch at Tokyo Motor Show (plain, 2 KB)
  • The GSD – a compact utility ebike that fits the whole family
    The GSD is an ebike that defines a new category: ‘compact utility’. The GSD is designed to carry two kids, a week’s worth of groceries, or 180 kg of total weight, but it’s only 180 cm­ long—shorter than a Dutch city bike.
    The GSD - the compact utility ebike (pdf, 742 KB)
    The GSD - the compact utility ebike (plain, 6 KB)
  • Tern Begins Delivery of Kickstarted Bosch Electric Bikes Through Local US-Dealers
    Tern has delivered the first batch of Vektron electric folding bikes to Kickstarter backers across the United States. After the resounding success of last October’s campaign, Tern is working through its US dealer network to handle delivery, after-sales support, and customer service for the new Bosch powered bikes.
    Delivery of Kickstarted Vektron begins (pdf, 142 KB)
    Delivery of Kickstarted Vektron begins (plain, 3 KB)