About the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF)
Promoting Cycling Worldwide

The ECF, based in Brussels, Belgium promotes cycling as a daily mode of transport to key decision makers in Europe and globally. Bridging links between the cycling industry, advocates, government, academics and urban planners – ECFs aim is to get more people cycling more often by influencing policy in favour of cycling.
Key competencies of the ECF are cycling advocacy, promotion and lobbying, event and conferences management, research and provide expertise to authorities within international institutions and European Institutions on all cycling related issues, urban cycling infrastructure, safety, tourism, planning and implementation, cycling-specific programs, cycling tourism and initiate EU funded projects.
With over 70 members across nearly 40 countries, the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) unites cyclist’ associations from across the globe, giving them a voice on the international level.

For more information please visit: www.ecf.com

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For current and past press releases, picture or data material, please contact us or visit https://www.ecf.com/4346_1

Some key projects of the ECF

Velo-city is the premier international cycling planning conference series. The event is designed to encourage cycling as part of daily transport and recreation.

The event traditionally attracts around 1,000 delegates and brings together those involved in policy, promotion and provision of cycling facilities and programs. Engineers, planners, architects, social marketers, academic researchers, environmentalists and industry representatives join forces with government at all levels ranging from municipal politicians, policy makers and educators in knowledge sharing and building effective trans-national partnerships to deliver benefits worldwide.

Find out more here: here https://www.ecf.com/3597_1

CycleLogistics Project
Running until May 2014 and involving 15 countries, the EU-funded project CycleLogistics aimed to reduce energy used in urban freight transport by replacing unnecessary motorised vehicles with bikes for intra-urban delivery and goods transport in Europe. The project has helped establish the European Cycle Logistics Federation after recognising a demand for such an organisation.

Information about the project is available at www.cyclelogistics.eu and about the federation https://federation.cyclelogistics.eu.

Press Releases

  • EU powers the Cargo Bike Revolution

    After OECD & World Bank, Cargo Bikes make a presence at TRA, the European conference on transportation policies and solutions. Based on ECF’s continuous work across the highest political levels, the success of cargo bikes in saving money while increasing efficiency was shared for the first time with members from the automotive, rail, and shipping transportation industries. Further information in the Press Release.

    EU powers the Cargo Bike Revolution (pdf, 477 KB)
    EU powers the Cargo Bike Revolution (plain, 8 KB)
  • ECLF Conference and Inauguration

    The foundation of the European Cycle Logistics Federation (ECLF) with over 140 registered members mirrors strong support from industry and user groups around Europe. More than 200 delegates from 25 countries got together at the second European Cycle Logistics Conference on Saturday April 12th in Nijmegen, Netherlands. Find further information in the Press Release.

    ECLF Conference and Inauguration (pdf, 469 KB)
    ECLF Conference and Inauguration (plain, 6 KB)
  • Cargo Bikes roll into EU parliament

    Hard evidence for the economic and environmental benefits of cargo bikes rolls into the EU Parliament during a round table meeting with EU politicians, business representatives and NGOs in Brussels. Find further information in the Press Release.

    Cargo Bikes roll into EU parliament (pdf, 405 KB)
    Cargo Bikes roll into EU parliament (plain, 7 KB)