Standardized User Manual System for complete bicycles, e-bikes/Pedelecs or frame sets

Compact, clear, cost efficient and – already 100% ISO 4210:2014 – compliant!

More than 20 bicycle variations covered in 11 languages 

We also specialize in the creation of individual branded bicycle manuals, e-bike systems manuals, or for parts and accessories as well as bicycle assembly instructions

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inMotion offers a uniform and standardized user manual system for the complete selling chain in the international bicycle market. It consists of a versatile, economic, multi-lingual and modular system for manufacturers, assembling wholesalers, importers, frame builders and assembling bicycle dealers to ensure both product and legal safety for the main global bicycle types.

Our ISO/EN - compliant bicycle user manual system represents a compelling new approach with regard to design, content, modularity and cost efficiency.

The new ISO 4210:2014 covers former EN standards for City/Trekking, MTB and road racing bikes and it follows the DIN EN 82079-1:2012 for user manuals. Current EN standards for Tandem, BMX and e-Bike remain and are reflected in our manuals.


Currently we can provide the following languages (for almost every bike type):
- English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese and Russian. Generally we produce one manual in one language, for specific market needs (CH, B, and CAN) or due to logistics we also offer bi-, tri-, or more language versions.

Bicycle types and manual versions

The type specific bicycle user manuals incorporate 24 bicycle types in only 3 manuals (with or without e-bike/Pedelec info) to help you with your order and allocation logistics and include:

Type- specific

For all bicycle types that are used legally on public roads
• Trekking / Touring/ City / Children’s Bike /Single speed / Fixie- w/wo E-Bike/Pedelec
For sports bicycle types
• MTB Hardtail / MTB Full Suspension / Cross bike /ATB/ Dirt/Street/BMX Bike /Single speed / Fixie w/wo E-Bike/ Pedelec
• Road/ Cyclocross/Triathlon/ TT and Single speed / Fixie - w/wo E-Bike/Pedelec


Our All-in-One bicycle user manual incorporates 26 bicycle variations (incl. Tandem and folding bikes) in ONE manual (with or without e-bike/Pedelec info) to help especially larger OEs or brands with complex logistics.

Legal and content

Please note that all manuals are regularly updated when new technical or legal issues arise, are legally approved and come with liability insurance for the content of the manuals!
For the bicycle brand this reduces logistics, manpower and cost, decrease risks and also liability insurance cost (in case of a recall etc).
Another benefit –our modular E-bike/Pedelec section covers all general information for EPACS, in adding your specific E-drive/battery system manual you have a legally comprehensive complete manual system for your audience with a fast turn-around time!


Clean and reduced layout uses only line drawings, ensuring utmost clarity and easy comprehension of technical information to a non-specialized audience. You have the choice of either a neutral or a branded version, both use the standardized content, individually designed cover pages supplement the brand version.


• NOS (never-out of stock) system for the neutral manuals guarantee fast delivery service to both European and international customers
• Printing and shipping services in Germany and Taiwan allow for the manuals to be included at the relevant production/assembly/storage location in Europe or Asia.
• We offer standard manuals from stock, branded versions and individual manual pricing depends on quantities, versions and number of languages
• On demand and per quotation we create specific assembly and operational, service or maintenance manuals for OEMs/dealers/consumers for any individual bicycle brand, bicycle parts, accessory or other mobility devices.
• We also offer our manuals for online or DVD use.
• Please contact us for Video manuals and manual APPS.

For any further information and references, price lists and quotations please feel free to contact us here

Documents for download
iM user manual information flyer

Standardized user manuals
More than 12 years’ experience in the field of standardized user manuals for bicycles has led inMotion to a new partnership with experts in the field of bicycle technology, -safety and –testing.
Two external consulting partners, a renowned testing institute and the legal counsel of an attorney specialized in product safety issues ensure complete legal safety. A comprehensive insurance policy globally covers the content of the manuals.

Hexagon Zweiradtechnik
As a network partner to inMotion, Thomas Veidt, owner of Hexagon Zweiradtechnik, signs responsible for the development, design and updating of the user manuals. With more than 20 years of experience in the bicycle industry, the master of bicycle and motorized two wheel mechanics managed both technical service and testing departments for various manufacturers and importers. He also worked in product management, as an appointed bicycle specialist for insurance companies and courts. Veidt also taught at the Saarland University of Applied Sciences and in various bicycle mechanics schools. Since 1994, he also acts as a consultant for OEM’s, he writes, creates and designs individual manuals for the bicycle industry.
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  • Single Neutral
    a. Neutral cover
    b. Single language
    c. Basic content with/without e-bike info
  • Single Branded
    a. Branded cover
    b. Single language
    c. Basic content with/without e-bike info
  • Double Neutral
    a. Neutral cover
    b. Double language (flip-flop)
    c. Basic content with/without e-bike info
  • Double Branded
    a. Branded cover
    b. Double language (flip-flop)
    c. Basic content with/without e-bike info