Double Neutral


Type- specific manual

a. Neutral cover
b. Single language
c. Basic content with/without e-bike info

The type specific bicycle user manuals incorporate up to 24 bicycle types in only 3 manuals (with or without e-bike/Pedelec info) to help you with your order and allocation logistics and include the following bicycle types:

For all bicycles that are used legally on public roads
• Trekking / Touring/ City / Children’s Bike /Single speed / Fixie- w/wo E-Bike/Pedelec

For sports bicycles
• MTB Hardtail / MTB Full Suspension / Cross bike /ATB/ Dirt/Street/BMX Bike /Single speed / Fixie w/wo E-Bike/ Pedelec
• Road/ Cyclocross/Triathlon/ TT and Single speed / Fixie - w/wo E-Bike/Pedelec

The modular E-bike/Pedelec section covers all general information for EPACS.
In adding your specific E-drive/battery system manual we can provide you with a complete and legally comprehensive manual system for your audience with a fast turn-around time!

All our manuals are according to the DIN EN 82079-1:2012 for user manuals and individually cover EN 14764, EN 14765, EN 14766, EN 16054, EN 14781, and/or EN 15194

Currently we can provide the following languages (*for almost every bike type):

• English
• German
• French
• Spanish
• Italian
• Dutch
• Chinese*
• Japanese*
• Polish*
• Portuguese *
• Russian*

When you cannot control delivery of your bicycles per country/language, or for specific market needs (like Switzerland, Belgium, and Canada) or due to other logistics issues we offer bi-, tri-, or more language versions.

For information on single language versions pls go here
For information on branded versions go here


• Combined language versions need to be printed on demand
• Pricing depends on quantities, versions and number of languages
• Printing and shipping services in Germany and Taiwan allow for the manuals to be included at the relevant production/assembly/storage location in Europe or Asia.

• General bicycle adjustment, maintenance and service
• General instructions regarding additional components and frames
• German version according to German, Austrian and Swiss Road Safety Legislation
• Legal stipulations for warranty handling
• Service instructions and time plan
• Warranty card/Bike Card (including manufacturers guarantee for brand version)
• Seller/Buyer Transfer protocol

Please note that all manuals are regularly updated when new technical or legal issues arise, are legally approved and come with liability insurance for the content of the manuals!
For the bicycle brand this reduces logistics, manpower and cost, decrease risks and also liability insurance cost (in case of a recall etc).

Clean and reduced layout uses only line drawings, ensuring utmost clarity and easy comprehension of technical information to a non-specialized audience.

• Please contact us for Video manuals and manual APPS.