Tern Takes Home d&i Award For Cargo Node

Tern Bicycles have been honoured with a Taipei Cycle d&i award for the Tern Cargo Node. After the success of the Cargo Node's Kickstarter product launch, the award marks another testament to Tern's innovation in urban transportation.

Cargo Node: Establishing new product category with Kickstarter

Tern and Xtracycle, world leaders in folding-bike and cargo-bike design, partnered this fall to successfully crowdfund a full-sized folding cargo-bike on Kickstarter. Their project, the Cargo Node, raised over $150,000 USD from supporters across three continents.

EU powers the Cargo Bike Revolution

After OECD & World Bank, Cargo Bikes make a presence at TRA, the European conference on transportation policies and solutions. Based on ECF’s continuous work across the highest political levels, the success of cargo bikes in saving money while increasing efficiency was shared for the first...

ECLF Conference and Inauguration

The foundation of the European Cycle Logistics Federation (ECLF) with over 140 registered members mirrors strong support from industry and user groups around Europe. More than 200 delegates from 25 countries got together at the second European Cycle Logistics Conference on Saturday April 12th in...

Cargo Bikes roll into EU parliament

Hard evidence for the economic and environmental benefits of cargo bikes rolls into the EU Parliament during a round table meeting with EU politicians, business representatives and NGOs in Brussels. Find further information in the Press Release....