Strategic Marketing Consulting  

  •                 Status analysis
  •                 Core brand analysis
  •                 Competitor analysis and observation
  •                 Target group analysis and definition
  •                 Focus group planning and organization
  •                 Product- und Corporate positioning
  •                 Integrated Marketing strategy development
  •                 Branding
  •                 Sponsoring consulting

Trademarketing  (B2C, C2C)
  Concepting, design and organization of     

  •                 POS activities
  •                 Product-Promotions
  •                 Product introduction activities
  •                 Direct marketing activities

   Concepting, developing, supervising and organization of     

  •                 Events, promotions, tradeshow booths and on-site activities
  •                 Workshops, training sessions, seminars, focus group sessions
  •                 Press conferences, press trips, media launches, editor camps