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Press releases

  • Ebike-Trends 2019
    Ebike Trends and product news of the upcoming model year 2019. Please find below an overview of the latest developments.
    Ebike-Trends & News 2019 (pdf, 577 KB)
  • Wishlist for Cyclists
    The key to giving the perfect gift is really all about the recipient, isn’t it? We’ve compiled a list we think the bike lovers in your life would appreciate – urban cyclists, weekend riders and just-in-it-for-the-bike-culture aficionados, alike!
    Holiday Wishlist for Cyclists (pdf, 619 KB)
    Holiday Wishlist for Cyclists (plain, 8 KB)
  • Tern Launches Vektron on Kickstarter
    Tern Launches Bosch-Powered Folding Electric Bike on Kickstarter. The technology leader in folding comes together with the market leader in electric bikes.
    Tern launches Vektron on Kickstarter (pdf, 239 KB)
    Tern launches Vektron on Kickstarter (plain, 4 KB)