New Bickerton Portables for 2018

Going into the fifth year since the re-launch of Bickerton Portables, and building on last year’s successful introduction of the Argent frame platform, Bickerton adds a 7 speed hub gear Argent and treats the 16” Pilot to a hub geared version as well.

Bickerton Portable Bicycles Back on Board

Southampton Boat Show: Introducing Argent and Pilot folding bikes for the Yachtsman - designed with the yachtsman very much in mind. Come on board at booth J314 in The Ocean Hall!

Bickerton Argent Launch at Eurobike 2016

Inspired by Harry Bickerton’s original 1971 design, the Bickerton Argent pays homage to the rectangular frame and hinge abutments, but adds modern design, materials and technology to make a super-strong and stiff bicycle; so strong that it more than doubles the requirement for the ISO test.

Bickerton Portables – Welcome to Belgium

Belgium with its long-term cycling heritage is the perfect market for the new brand and collection of Bickerton Portables folding bikes. Cycling in Belgium has a long tradition, not only in sporting terms.

Bickerton Argent – Back to the future

45 years after the inception of the original Bickerton Portable Bicycle, the Argent is launched with the expectation that it will become one of the best folding bike frames that has ever been brought to market.